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From humble beginnings....

Presently, ErsPro continues to bring that meticulous, detailed craftsmanship to every single one of our residences. Whether it's a project involving the renovation of a bathroom or the creation of a splendid, freshly built home, each undertaking is granted the utmost attention and top-notch service – a tradition rooted in the small woodshop behind an aging garage.

Emerging from a modest woodshop within his garage, Julio Dibiase Sr., an immigrant from Italy, launched his enterprise, fashioning exquisite custom furniture for friends and family while maintaining a full-time role as a carpenter. His focus then shifted towards personalized home renovations and, shortly thereafter, the construction of new homes. This wealth of talent and wisdom was subsequently imparted to his son, Julio Jr., through hands-on experience, culminating in the establishment of ErasPro in 1991.

Headquartered in Greenwich, CT, ErasPro has cultivated a robust reputation for constructing and renovating exceptional quality residences across Fairfield and Westchester counties, as well as New York City. We guide you personally through each phase of constructing or refurbishing your dream home – from securing the ideal parcel of land and conceptualizing your new abode to overseeing every meticulous detail until your dream home is fully realized.

We uphold identical standards of service, quality, and dedication – principles we take pride in – from all our architects, designers, subcontractors, and suppliers. Our affiliations are exclusively with local, licensed, and fully insured firms with whom we've had longstanding partnerships. These enduring connections prove invaluable when time is of the essence. Over the years, we've fostered close relationships not only with our associates but also with our clients. Our objective is to present you with an enjoyable home-building journey that guarantees you and your family a lifetime of contentment.

The ErasPro Distinction

ErasPro stands as the premier bespoke home construction provider, delivering an all-encompassing array of opulent building and lifestyle solutions. Our unparalleled services encompass meticulous home management, featuring scheduled preventative maintenance, repairs, and a personalized lifestyle concierge. At ErasPro, our in-house team boasts a world-class pedigree, renowned for consistently surpassing the expectations of the most discerning clientele. What sets us apart is our unique commitment to enhancing both the quality of our craftsmanship and the quality of your life – a distinctive focus that sets ErasPro apart in the realm of luxury building.

About Our Clients

Our focus is on serving an exclusive clientele, catering to executives, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and other discerning individuals who demand the pinnacle of service and value confidentiality above all.

Our expertise lies in attending to a specialized clientele, which includes executives, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking top-notch service paired with the utmost confidentiality.

Our affluent clientele possesses opulent, multimillion-dollar residences in the regions we cater to, encompassing Fairfield and Westchester Counties.

Our focus lies in a highly specialized client base—executives, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and others in need of top-notch service coupled with utmost confidentiality.

Frequently, they are acquaintances and locals within our existing clientele network.

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