Bathroom Remodeling

It is believed that the organization of a home or a company can be determined by how much attention is paid to their bathrooms. Bathrooms aren’t just a place for performing private duties. They speak about the values of people. At Eras Pro Remodeling and Renovation, we understand and appreciate the importance of creating healthy and organized spaces. This explains our characteristic attention to detail when providing custom bathroom renovations and remodeling services.

Deciding the perfect bathroom models can be tough for clients, but no matter. Whether you have a concrete idea of how you want your bathroom to look or you are looking for ideas and suggestions, we have you covered. Together, we help you achieve your goal of creating a bathroom that is stylish, functional and safe. 

What's Included

From bathtubs to toilets to the installation of backer boards and shower systems, our team of workers is friendly, efficient and skilled in making it happen. Our range of bathroom remodeling services include:

    • Demo and disposal of existing vanity, bathtub and fixtures.
    • Reframe opening
    • Installing of shower systems
    • Installing  bathtubs and toilets
    • Installing backer boards and drywalls
    • Levelling and replacing plywoods 
    • Installing shower pans
    • Installing tile walls and tile floors
    • Installing shower doors
    • Installing bought vanities or custom made vanities
    • Installing light fixtures 
    • Installing sinks and faucets 
    • Installing and painting windows, doors, and trims 
    • Painting walls and trim

Why Choose Us?

There are lots of bathroom remodeling companies out there. Why bother to hire us, you ask? The reason is trust. Our company is built on a culture of faithfulness and diligent attention to the needs of our customers. This culture is the sole contributor to our success, earning us favourable feedback and testimonials from loyal customers. 


Before we begin any home remodeling project, we arrange a meeting between our client,  the crew leader and other members of the team. This meeting is the beginning of a series of honest and open communication lines between us and our clients. Suggestions, questions, and clarifications are accepted during this stage. Also, during the remodeling process, we accept honest critiques and suggestions from clients.

Certified Personnel

All members of our staff are employed personnel who have gone through the training required for quality service. We never hire subcontractors, but rather take the time to invest in our team of workers through regular training and evaluation. These workers are trained to use the right tools and equipment for the job. They are also trained to use high-quality materials for professional results.


our company is a brand built on trust and security. We value and protect the properties of our clients. We treat your home and office with care, maintaining a neat and minimally disruptive environment as much as possible.

Try the Eras Pro Experience Today

Bathroom remodeling shouldn’t be done by anybody. To get the best results, always aim to use the best, and most cost-effective expert services available. Are you interested in our services? Give us a call or fill out the form below to request a free quote. Additional services are available depending on your needs.

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