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Stonework is not for the faint of heart. There’s a lot of effort required in masonry. Whether it’s laying a sidewalk, paving your patio or setting up a stone wall, you can trust that our team of professionals are equal to the task.  Here at Eras Pros Remodelling and Renovation, we have both the skill and strength of will to make stone what you want it to be.

What We Do

Paver Masonry – proper planning is necessary for successful paving. Here at Eras Pros, we take time to plan out the right specifications and measurement of your space. Whether you need a brick patio, or a driveway or a landscape, rest assured that we have you covered. Paving stones give a beautiful and solid finish to your outdoor living spaces. To get the best results and increase the longevity of your pavements, hire expert services. 

Wall Masonry Stone walls add a solid and earthy finish to buildings. Apart from their strength and durability, they control the indoor and outdoor temperature. We build all types of masonry walls: load-bearing masonry walls, hollow masonry walls, reinforced masonry walls and composite masonry walls.  

Concrete Slab –  we make all types of concrete slabs that are used for flat spaces like floors, ceilings and roof decks. These concrete slabs can be made off-site or poured in-situ, whichever is feasible.

Stone Mantel – we make stone mantels with diverse options of finishes and colours. Mantels also come with hearth, overmental and facing options. Our stone mantels are fire-resistant màking it suitable for gas and wood fireplaces. 

Replacing Concrete Driveways, Patios and Walkways – we also replace old and worn concrete driveways, patios and driveways with new ones. 

Sidewalk Masonry – whether you want to replace old front steps and walkways, or build a new sidewalk, we have you covered. We have a variety of sidewalk masonry options that will compliment your property.  

Other services include: 

Concrete stairs  



Why Hire Us? 

Eras Pros Remodelling and Renovation is a brand you can trust. It is not easy trusting a company with your home. Which is why we have a ream of workers who are thoroughly trained to value the input and needs of all clients. 

Professionalism our services are professional not just in service but also in character. We keep communication lines open and transparent and are always ready to accept feedback and suggestions from clients. 

Safety and Security as licensed experts, we understand and value the importance of safe methods, principles and practices. You can also trust us to leave your property intact, just the way it was before we met it. 

Exclusive Services we offer devices that are tailored and exclusive to the needs of each client. We do not believe in a blanket approach, but rather take time to understand the unique needs of clients and create ways to make them satisfied. 


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Additional services available depending on your needs. 

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