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Getting your Greenwich home painted today is easy! ErasPro Remodeling & Renovation has a full service painting division on staff. We take pride in providing affordable, clean, and professional painting services. We have been providing unparalleled interior and exterior painting services to residential and commercial customers. You can also give us a call when you need a painter ASAP for cosmetic repairs on areas affected by flood or water damage.

Our experienced painters can handle all types of interior and exterior work including:

Exterior Painting

The paint not only adds a touch of personality from the outside

Interior Painting

When you remodel your home, you will likely consider painting the walls.

Wallpaper Application

Applying wallpaper is a really fun way of covering your walls.

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    Exterior Painting


      • Whole exterior painting
      • Wood restoration
      • Paint windows, doors, trim, and walls. 
      • Deck refinishing and maintenance
      • Deck staining and restoration
      • Power washing
      • Garage door

    Painting the exterior of a house is very common. The paint not only adds a touch of personality from the outside, but good paint also protects the walls during extreme weather conditions. 

    Exterior painting is one of our primary services when it comes to remodeling. Remodeling is not just about the interiors. The exterior of your house gets affected as well. The paint job that we will do will last a very long time. 

    Since we use good quality paint and apply it very evenly, you can be sure of it lasting for at least five years. We also make sure that the paint ageing is applied at the right temperature. Usually the optimum temperature is 50 degrees. Maintaining the right temperature allows the application to be smooth and the paint sets properly. Our painters in Greenwich have over 4 decades of experience.

    Interior Painting

      • Painting Walls and Ceilings
      • Painting Baseboards, Doors, Windows and Trim Work
      • Cabinet Painting & Refinishing
      • Staining and Finishing Woodwork
      • Faux & Decorative​ ​Finish
      • Paneling & Wainscoting
      • Wallpaper Installation & Removal
      • Drywall and Plaster Repair
      • Fine Paints of Europe certified painters 
      • Color Consultation

    When you remodel your home, you will likely consider painting the walls. Interior painting can lift and change the whole aspect of a room. During interior painting, if no other structural changes are made, then it is important to ensure that no existing structures are damaged. Therefore, we remove all switch plates, and window covers before painting. If there are any cracks or holes, we repair them. 

    The surfaces which should not be getting any paint on, like the floors or even the ceiling, are marked and covered. 

    Now, interior painting involves a bit more preparation than exterior painting. There are different techniques of painting, for example, brush and roll or mask and spray. You can tell us your preferences and we will follow through. You can rely on us to do a marvelous paint job and transform your home.

    Wallpaper Application

    Applying wallpaper is a really fun way of covering your walls. It is a great option, especially if you do not want to go with the conventional method of painting. You can choose any design or fabric you want for your rooms. 

    However, before applying the wallpaper, our professionals will check the conditions of your walls. If the walls have a high amount of moisture (like in bathrooms or kitchens), then we will advise you to opt for the painting instead. The adhesive of the wallpaper will not work on moist surfaces. But, if this is not a problem, then you can go ahead with the wallpapering.

    Why Choose Us?

    • Experienced painters: Our painters have years of experience and are professionals who know what they are doing. We guarantee a perfect finish when it comes to painting your walls. 
    • High quality, safe paint: We use only high-quality paint which will not give off any harmful fumes. We do not use any lead-based paints but only work with safe paints.
    • Efficient method of painting: While our painters are working you can be sure that no furniture or other structures will be affected. We take care to avoid creating any mess and work efficiently. 

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