Tile Installation Greenwich CT

At ErasPro, we offer all kinds of construction and renovation services. We are based in Greenwich, CT, and have become a household name thanks to our regular work with locals across town. We have a commendable amount of experience under our belt and a dream team that helps make every one of our projects a success. 

We offer tile installation services, amongst other things. Our experts are trained to deal with any tile-related task, so book an appointment with us for your next tiling project.

What’s Included

Tile installation requires focus and a steady hand to ensure precise placement. Our experts fall in line with these demands, which help us bring our clients satisfaction once the job is done. 

We install tiles in the following places:

  • Kitchen floors and walls
  • Bathroom floors
  • Living and dining room 
  • Outdoors, including patios

Our other tile-related services include the following:

  • Tile regrouting and maintenance 
  • Backsplash installation 
  • Shower pan installation

If you’re looking for someone to provide you with these tile-related services, consider ErasPro; we will provide you with perfect tile placement within your chosen time perimeter.

    Why Choose Us

    While many other companies offer tile placement services, there are many things about ErasPro that sets us apart from the others.

    For starters, we come with a quality-guarantee. From the tools we employ to the dry materials we use, nothing escapes our strict quality-standard check. In addition to this, our employees work with full dedication to the task and always provide our clients with a quality job.

    We also guarantee that your work will be completed well in time. We do not believe in delaying projects unnecessarily and always deliver on time.

    With years of experience and countless successful projects completed, we can proudly claim that ErasPro is indeed the best firm to work with when it comes to tile installation.

    Additional Content

    It’s wise to hire a professional to handle your tile installation job for you. Installing tiles is easier said than done. The process is comprised of multiple stages, each of which needs an individual set of tools and materials.

    First, the surface needs to be prepared; this process includes cleaning the surface drying it. Then come to the layout plan and adhesion layer application. As soon as the adhesive foundation is laid, the tiles need to be laid down. However, the tiles sometimes need to be cut and shaped to make them fit. 

    This is best done by an expert because it demands the use of hazardous tools that can cause serious damage or injury if handled by an untrained person. After setting the tile comes grouting. Grouting requires patience, impeccable time management, and a steady hand. 

    Luckily, our experts are trained to deal with any challenges that accompany tile placement, cutting, grouting, and repair. So, if you’re looking for a team of professionals to handle your next tile job, ErasPro might just be the one for you.

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