Wallpaper Installation Greenwich Ct

Are you living in Greenwich and looking for a good company to remodel your walls of residential or commercial space? Eras Pros is a full-service contracting company in Fairfield County that provides varied renovation and remodeling services. 

We provide wallpaper installation and can remodel your walls like a pro. Not only this, our services include interior and exterior painting, kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeling, tiling, masonry, flooring, carpentering and much more. 

What's Included

Our wallpaper installation service is the best in the region as we take up the job as a responsible homeowner. We take utmost care that the wallpaper application is done just how it should be done so that it lasts forever. 

We can remove all unwanted wallpaper and glue. Then, we’ll clean up the surface, leaving it ready for finishing. Wallpaper often hides problem areas, so before resurfacing your walls, we will look for damage and fix any we find.

Eras Pro’s wallpaper installers can work with a variety of wall coverings, including grasscloth, vinyl, murals, traditional papers and designer patterns. We make sure to cover electrical plates and thermostats and protect vents with paper.

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced in wallpaper application: Our team of professionals working out for wallpaper installation are experienced and are providing the service for more than a decade.
  • Quality wallpaper installation: We assure that the wallpaper installed is of superior quality and is fixated on the wall in a manner not to damage them. 
  • Variety of wall coverings: our team of wallpaper installation is experienced in installing a variety of wallpapers and wall coverings.

Why You Should Get A Wallpaper Installation Done?

Wallpaper installation provides a quick changeover to any room or wall. With the variety of wall coverings, you can always expand your horizon and make your home or office interesting. Moreover, the space in which you spend most of your time must look inviting and beautiful. If you are looking for a quick remodeling of your space, wallpaper installation is the best that can give an absolutely new look to your home or office. 

We, at Eras Pros, make sure the walls are in the right condition before carrying on further. Our experts judge the walls properly and suggest you the right measure accordingly. For instance, if the walls are full of moisture, they will suggest you go for painting rather than wallpaper application. Moisturized walls won’t be able to hold the adhesive and the result won’t turn out to be good.  Also, they can suggest you to first fix the moisturized walls and then move to wallpapering. 

With our services, there is no scope of getting the work done just for the sake of doing it. We analyze the situation well before implementing the desired action. Get a free quote from us today to know more about our remodeling and renovating services.

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